George 'n Harry

By George_n_Harry

Action shot

The fact of the matter is that I was taken (very much against my will) to the hairdresser yesterday, and there's nothing like a good roll in the hay to get all tangled up again.

Hey you'll never guess.  I actually scared another dog yesterday.  I know.  Little me, who wouldn't hurt a fly.  SHE did take me down to the Park, and I have to say I got very excited, and barked and barked and barked and barked.  That's because there was a lot of big dogs there.  SHE did say it's a good job HE's in the iPad because he'd be ever so cross.  And SHE'd be right.  Anyway, there was this little terrier thing, and I thought I'd dash up and make friends (as you do because it was about my size), and do you know what?  It runned away.  I thought it was playing and I did chase after it, but it turned out it was scared of ME.  And that's why it runned away.  It's owner wasn't too impressed I can tell you, and she had to grovel a bit - and me?  Well, I got putted back on the lead as a punishment.

Neither of us was ready to go home, so we did walk out of the Park and right around to the other side by a footpath, and then back into the Park again.  And I was much quieter by now, so she let me off the lead again.  and I had a good time puttering around.

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