Early Morning McDonalds

Had a McDonalds breakfast this morning after my yearly blood tests to check my thyroid function. Unfortunately even though i got there early and was the second in line, I suddenly realized i’d forgotten the paper work needed to get the test done!! Grrrrr!!! I gave my ticket to the sweet old man who was next after me and rushed out the door and drove home at a million miles an hour and rushed back in a lather of sweat and flew in the door and the old guy was still waiting as there had been some hold up so he let me go next whew!!! What a sweetie ;o)

I was really starving by this stage as i had to fast before the test and so I went to McDonalds for a quick breakfast. I knew i wouldn’t get much of chance to get any shots for today so his was the scene in front of me as i waited for the coffee to arrive ahhh! And in extras is a strangely cut bush growing on the side of the building! It was a mono kind of day ; )

The results of J’s blood tests came in today as well and it turns out he suddenly has some thyroid problems too which could have been the cause of the seizure! More tests will be done and he may have to take medication. Poor guy his whole world is turned upside down at the moment ; (

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