Confusing Contentment

By blouseybrown

Purple soup?

I picked up new glasses yesterday. I am having some adjusting issues and it is making me feel grumpy. The same thing happened last time I got new glasses which was less than 2 years ago.

Day before yesterday we witnessed some chaps with very heavy machinery not handling it very well in front of our flat, and ending up crushing the kerb stone and cutting into the road surface that was in pristine condition from recent resurfacing. I took some photos and video while it was happening and sent a message through to the council highways. One part of me thinks don't get involved, and who likes a tell tale tit, but the other part of me, ex-council highways department, knows how much money it will cost to put right. The highways man who came back to me was very grateful for my photos and alerting him. I think the heavy plant might have been heading for the ludicrously priced mansion development at the top of our hill that also has cut down trees to give them a better view, even though I understand the planning permission was granted on the basis that there would be trees screening the houses. But can you blame them? The houses will fetch far more with a stunning view.

Recording art work in progress for my own record in extras, but please don't comment on it. I used gouache to do the colour and think it was not a good decision in relation to the medium or the colour choices (which haven't photographed correctly). But it is all a learning experience.

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