Pandering to the plant trade

A wet and dark day here today. After taking Mrs M to the bus at 7.30 this morning I spent several hours sorting and packing the mounted prints to send off to the judge for the last Photo Club competition of the year. There are always a few discrepances to deal with, but they were finally listed and put into order in the big box - 69 of them, weighing almost 10kg. I try to pack them carefully and separate them with paper in the hope that they won't be damaged. The judge will come here in a couple of weeks to deliver his verdict!

Not a good day for outdoor Blips so I took a close-up of the new growth of what I take to be Kalanchoe tomentosa. It's less spotted and more hairy than the pictures online show, so I suspect it might be the horribly named variety, 'Super Fuzzy'! Who thinks up these names! Why is it that plants have to suffer silly common names instead of their correct botanical ones? People go and buy a 'Mexican Hat Plant,' but imagine going into a car dealer and asking for a 'Shiny Blue Cruiser' !

So this succulent's common name is 'Panda Plant', if you've ever heard anything so daft. And btw, this picture was taken with my 'Super Whizzo Baby Zoom' camera.

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