Salvage from the Wreckage

By NickMogToo

Wham Bam Pow, Let’s Rock Out!

Baby bro and I raced off after football to pick up M (arrived home today) then off to Oxford to watch Art Brut at the Bullingon Club. Not that one.
We arrived in time to catch the last song by the second support band. Hmmm.
Then Cassels played. Very loud guitar and drum duo. They were very young and played well but they weren’t really playing songs.
Art Brut were excellent. The new album is good. I think this is the 5th time I’ve seen them. Wow. Included the now traditional long interlude in Modern Art with the audience sitting on the floor while Eddie relates a long story about licking a Van Gogh in Amsterdam. And self-referentially refers to the fact that this same “improvised” segment is available on one of their CDs.

Formed A Band
My Little Brother
She Kissed Me (And It Felt Like a Hit)
Modern Art
Alcoholics Unanimous
Too Clever
These Animal Menswear
Emily Kane
Wham! Bang! Pow! Let's Rock Out!

Bad Weekend/Demons Out!

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