By Pinkhairedlady

Home from home

Finished packing up the van this morning whilst sporting a small injury to my index finger - sliced it when cutting up bread for the birds. Slapped a plaster on and then another and another and by the time we hit the road there were 5!

Made it to the site outside Aberdeen and got set up then headed to our daughters flat to cook for her and her flat mate - by the time I’d chopped the veg for the risotto I had to take a supervisory role as my cut had reopened.

Quick trip to A&E later and my finger is cleaned and steristripped - should scab in a week or so. Faultless service by the overworked staff who didn’t make me feel daft for bothering them.

Had hoped to blip the van all set up but it got dark too quickly so only just managed to grab this shot of the clouds at sunset.

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