Still Life with orange and pear

I  have been saving this orange and pear all week . Now its photographed it can go into tonight’s fruit salad.

Thanks to  Blipper  Alan_Rodger’s suggestion yesterday I found an unauthorized Apple dealer in Stirling today and now have a new battery in my iPhone for £25.
The authorized Apple dealer wanted £45  but when he saw there was water inside, only tiny specks, he said he was not allowed to touch it.
But my phone is working so I am taking a chance on it.
Have signed up at the gym at the Peak Sports centre. Must admit there is something scary watching all those super-fit people working out on the machines  ( some of those machines look like something out of a torture chamber) .
I did spot a few older people and several who were overweight.
This is  a 12-week programme, thanks to a NHS referral so I hope I have the motivation to finish it.

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