Big adventure today: drove down to the Apple store in Monterey to get some help understanding iCloud as it relates to the photos on my phone and tablet. The folks there are exceptionally nice and helpful, and I think I almost grasp what's going on. I've got some cleaning up to do on my devices, and then I think I will have everything synced the way I want it. But what did we spend our time on before all this nonsense?  And I know that as soon as I get it all sorted out someone will come up with a clever update to something that screws it all up again.

But in the course of sitting at the store counter waiting for things to download, I learned there are individual gadgets available to keep track of your posture (you get buzzed every time you slouch), your skin, your temperature, and your blood pressure; there is an electrified light-up bike helmet that also blinks your turn signals, a jump rope that tracks something or other, and an iPhone controlled coffee mug to keep your beverage at optimum temperature. I kept dragging the packages off the shelf to show to Mr S, making a spectacle of myself no doubt.

Our reward for technology immersion was a nice walk along the ocean path in nearby Pacific Grove. The ocean is always bluer there, the twisted trees more iconic, and the sun is definitely sunnier.

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