Occasionally Focused

By tsuken

Profitec goodness

Finally got too fed up to cope with our Mahlkönig Vario coffee grinder. When grinders' settings are moved while the burrs aren't running, coffee can get smushed between the burrs and muck up the adjustment - leaving you with coarse coffee, and unable to get it fine, despite changing the setting properly.* That could (probably) be fixed, but then I'd just be waiting for the next damn time. It's just a bit too precious (belt/s between adjustment leavers and the actual burr settings, rather than a direct adjustment you can rely on).

So, after quite a bit of reading around, and talking with our friendly coffee machine consultant, I decided on the Profitec Pro T64 as seen here.

After not too much faffing about dialing it in, out came some outstanding coffee. Still a wee way to go getting it spot on, but I'm really very happy with it.

It's also waaaaay faster, and waaaay neater: it grinds a double shot's worth of coffee in about 7 seconds, and amazingly makes almost no mess (seriously measured in a few stray grounds, which don't go further than the little tray that sits under the portafilter holder).

*There’s more to it than this, but a bit rarefied and irrelevant to 99.9%of the human race

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