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Day 21 Chennai reflections & Happy Thinking Day

22nd February so Happy Thinking Day to any Rangers, Guides, Brownies, Scouts, Cubs etc everywhere.
This is the view through the blinds of my bathroom window. It's actually double the view as it also includes an almost perfect reflection in the wall length mirror.
I met up with my friend Carrie today (1st extra) who would normally have been in Tirunelveli but for various reasons has been away from home this month. We realised that she would be in Chennai this weekend between tasks so it would be a good time to meet up. We've been friends since my first visit in 1997 when we both had young families. Now we are both grandmothers to two children. We spent time trying to work out where the years have gone and how lucky we have been with not only a friendship spanning 22 years but also the fact that we have had so many connections and visits between our families. A wonderfully unexpected bonus to that first visit in 1997.
Today we went shopping, of course, to Fab India, had coffee, of course and talked lots of course. I also met up with her brother who likewise has become a friend along with his wife.
This afternoon I had a lazier time, I walked along to the museum which was closed because it is Friday!!! Augustine, Corrie's brother had a concert in the theatre there, both last night and tonight, of songs from opera. Apparently last night went really well.
I also popped into Cooptex which is a cooperative showroom of products from handloom weavers in Tamil Nadu. There's a shot of the sunset from my hotel, behind glad so not as sharp as I would have liked as extra 2
A walk back along to the post office this evening should more than ticked my walking target for today, 13233, day 2/7.

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