By Stiffknees

For Mel - Crocus and Visitor

I was drawn back to Holly's lovely patch of crocuses again once the sun came out this afternoon for Flower Friday.  I didn't notice the tiny fly on the petal until I'd downloaded my photos!

This is for my sister Mel who suffered a stroke last Saturday evening and is now recovering in hospital.  She and her husband realised what was happening and the ambulance was with them within 15 minutes, thank goodness.  We visited her on Tuesday and it seems to have been a "significant" stroke according to the doctor so it will be a slow recovery.  I ring my brother in law every day on his mobile when he visits her so that I can have a chat to her.  She is quite 'with it' which is a relief although a bit mumbly for obvious reasons.  She said again today that she just wants to go home which is good to hear.  Watford General has a specialised stroke unit so she is in good hands and Mel is a fighter and very determined when she needs to be which can only be a good thing.

Many thanks to BikerBear for hosting the lovely Flower Friday challenge.

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