Cherries and ferries

Rather a dull day today, but I've walked down to the town twice and back up to the house once! 

This afternoon I met the chair of the Community Council for a chat in a local cafe, and when that closed before we'd finished we retired to Tesco's cafe across the road to continue.

When I came out I couldn't help noticing these cherry trees across the top of the car park. Most of Tesco's car park is a tip, with broken and trampled shrubs, bare trodden beds and rubbish caught up everywhere, but at least they have a few cherries in flower. One must look on the bright side!

I've put on an extra for the boat buffs of the 'Clansman' - at the rear - the little 'Loch Striven' and the 'Isle of Lewis', all coming together as I walked along Ardconnel Terrace on my way home. All I needed was the 'Isle of Mull' to come in too, but that would too much to ask!

On top of that I chatted with five people I knew, one I didn't, three cats, two dogs, and two babies! A good afternoon all round!

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