Making Progress

When I retired 4 1/2 years ago, I had great plans to clean out all my closets and drawers.   I did manage to redo the linen closet after about a year, but the rest of it has remained untouched until this week.  It is just as well I waited because I am finding it easier to part with a lot of my work clothes that I feel sure now I will never wear again. My life is so casual now, I only need a few dressy things and most of them are pretty basic, mix and match. After all, at this age, no one really notices what I wear and that is very liberating.   Anyway,  now I am on a roll...look out Marie Kondo.  

I am really enjoying the spring flowers in the conservatory and they certainly came in handy today.  I have spared you any more purple anemones and today decided to blip the Velvet Groundsel. 

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