By Knottman2

New railway Episode 1

Its a start. Followers will know that the old Lego railway is coming down and may eventually be replaced by a proper layout with mountains and villages.
It will be some months before there are rails and track. The deal with Mrs.K. is the the new one should be paid for from the proceeds of selling the Lego. Luckily some of the Lego buildings are rare sets and worth a reasonable amount on Ebay.

But the planning is as much fun as the building and that can start now. The layout will almost certainly have an Alpine flavour with a mountain and an old village.

Shown above is the first step. You can buy these printed cards quite cheaply. You then need a cutting board, a modelling knife, a steel ruler and some glue.

The lower picture shows my first effort. Not perfect. The chimney leans, but then it is an old house so it would do. I will get better. The cotton reel is to show the scale. This is 1 : 160. Known as N guage. The trains will be that size too.

From time to time I will blip the development of the project and hope that a few people find it interesting.

My extra from this mornings walk is a couple of Oyster Catchers. Another of my top ten birds.

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