Just Me

By clive1079


This morning I went to meet with the friend who I had met up with on Thursday. He has been separated from his family and is currently living in Kensworth next to the zoo. He needs friends at the moment.
Although retired he has been volunteering at the zoo and I went there with him as he said he could get me in with him before opening on the basis that I was interested in volunteering, which actually I would do if I lived slightly closer. Just inside the entrance is the Welcome Centre and further along is Owl Wood opposite the Veterinary Centre. While he was getting the info for me I walked up to the wood and snapped away at this Snowy Owl.

Back home by late morning and went for an overdue haircut and now settling in to watch the footie this afternoon and Skype across the water to Canada.

I hope everyone is having a peaceful Sunday on this beautifully mild, dare I say warm day.

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