By tondrijfhamer

Flying again.

Although I'm still not feeling too well, I wanted to go out today.
In the afternoon I went to photofriend Richard who had just returned from the Czech Republic. He'd been skiing there last week.

But first in the morning I took Annemarie to the doctor. She woke up very ill, with a severe sinusitis. The doctor prescribed some medication and then she went to bed again. I hope she'll be feeling better soon.

Bas had some friends over and Daan was playing Fifa on his Xbox, so I took the liberty to go out flying a bit. Together with Richard, as I mentioned.

Richard hadn't been flying for quite a while so he had some issues with updating the firmware and syncing his i-phone. But it was fun to be out there.

Unfortunately the light came around the time I had to go home to prepare dinner and medications for my patients. And Spike had to be taken out for a walk as well. This photo is the last one I made. Although the view might not be so special, it was the one with the best light.

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