Zooming Along...!

One full day back home and I'm off again on more photographic adventures, although shorter ones this time. (They're like buses - you wait ages for one, then three come along at once!)

I spent this afternoon with some camera club friends at the judging of the NCPF (Northern Counties Photographic Federation) inter-club competition. There must have been several hundred photos judged, some projected digital shots (DPIs) and some prints. Our club did quite well in the DPIs, coming 4th out of 23 clubs, but not so well in the prints where we were 7th out of 18 clubs. I had no role in choosing which photos our club submitted but unknown to me, one of my DPIs had been entered - a "Kestrel on the Warpath" shot which I blipped in April 2017 (see here). I was delighted that it scored 13 out of 15 marks (there were 3 judges, each allowed to award 2,3,4 or 5 marks - so one of them must have given it 5).

After that, three of us from our club set off on quite a long car journey: as I wasn't driving I was able to grab this blip from the passenger seat. In fact I experimented and took lots of photos but I thought this was the most effective.

We're now staying in a hotel somewhere in England (I'm not saying where) in preparation for what we hope will be some photo fun tomorrow. If you want to know more you'll have to wait until I post tomorrow's blip: I may be rather late home so it might have to be posted on Tuesday as a backblip.

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