By mollyblobs

A sea of reeds...

A sea of reeds
frozen in time
rattling like dry bones in the breeze.
The unearthly bark of an angry water deer
surprised by a human intruder.
Spectral mist and cloud
and minute shards of falling ice
shielding a wan winter sun
which eventually prevailed
cascading light all around.
Ditches encased in folds of ice
blue and white against the golden reed stems.
In one corner the water flowed,
bubbles floated and twirled
and a streaked-brown bittern stood
searching for elusive fish.

(Chris and I spent a very cold few hours wandering around the reed bed at Woodwalton Fen, pursuing some very elusive bearded reedlings, but we were evntually rewarded with a good sighting of a bittern.)

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