By schorschi

Beavering away

So far behind that I can't remember much of what I did but Twitter did feature in much of it.

Early morning I had a post appear on my Twitter that someone in the constituency of UK's Conservative MP Heidi Allen was complaining that he and presumably others living in the area, were being targeted by sponsored adverts/posts attacking the MP.

Having had a tip-off many months ago from a fellow Bliper that the MP was a "good one" & knowing she was one of the three conservatives rumoured to be leaving the Conservative party on the Brexit issue, I replied jokingly that Bavarian Facebook wasn't yet infected and as a "cheer up", the ancient German childrens song "Heidi" as a video.

To my surprise, the MP replied saying "You have no idea how many copies of the book I got as a child :-))".

Shortly after I sent her and the other two potential defectors an encouraging message and sure enough, two hours later they held their press conference announcing the move to The Independent Group.

And as to be expected, they were massively attacked by the Far-Right wing of the Tory party. Despite all the hurdles and difficulties, the venom of the far left and far right, I still have a feel TIGger may be able to change politics. I salute their bravery and hope they can change things.

So a tiny bit of hope this afternoon as Luna and I did a lovely sunny late walk on our much loved Schickling walk along & over the River Günz where it is protected by a group who have bought the land and are managing very carefully the "re-naturalisation".

Managing rather than abandoning it - in our modern "cultured" landscape, it would be disastrous to just leave it to nature as there are simply too many other factors we can't control - we don't have dinosaurs roaming our fields to eat brush and keep things under control. 

One of God's creatures allowed to roam fairly freely is the beaver which has had an amazing comeback and is now considered by many (mostly farmers) for being a pest. There are state-appointed Beaver officials who try to negotiate between the protected beaver and those who have a problem with them. No doubt these negotiations are difficult but sensible people can come to a good compromise if there is a will.

It looks as though they must be happy to let the old wood be a victim but have netted the bases of many young trees along the bank that will be the future, Seems sensible to me.

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