Far sighted

Another Twitter day and so it was late as Luna and I did the evening walk back around the "Picnic Table" route.

After seeing yesterdays distant tower, I thought I would try seeing how well the telephoto lens on the camera worked. This photo is straight out of the camera with no cropping. Taken in very poor lighting & handheld not bad for around 700m distance. It was 18:00 at sunset.

If you look at the Geotag point, in satellite mode, and look northwards and slightly left you will see a single property, friend AM's house and her Arabian stallion whose name fails me, is shown enjoying getting out to eat grass after weeks of snow.

Our horses are still penned in on a concrete area as the snow is still on most of our property and what is free is still soaking wet.

The weather forecast is for continuing sunshine and increasing warmth. 

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