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....It gets worse in the Extras ------>

My poor mum went out in Shrewsbury last Sunday to see a comedy gig  and ended up in A&E with a clued up eye and a broken arm.
It could have been much worse, she and my father jumped out the way of a car and my dear mum took all the force. It wasn't the drivers fault, more of a miss-understanding of the road layout by my folks. Luckily the driver of the car was a nurse would you believe and attended to my mum at the scene.

Unfortunately her break is so close to her ball joint in her shoulder they can't pin it, she has had to wait till today to find out what the plan of action is. (I'll speak to her later).

How she has managed a full week with a separated arm I will never know, I've seen lots of her but I wish I could do more to ease the pain.

My sister has been away in Kenya and we didn't want to post anything until she got back yesterday so today is the first day I could photograph and post here. My mums eye was cut open by her glasses lens and had to be superglued up, this has healed nicely in the past week.

Get well soon mommy XXXXXX

Mr Bo Hingles

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