A Meandering Life...

By Skeena

Mono Monday 266 :: MM266

MMC19 #25

The Mono Monday theme is 'Down to the Wire'.

I continued adding things to my little Puck today. It now has a 3rd USB point which doubles up as a battery checker. It involved a certain amount of wiring but that isn't my MM connection.

This image is of just one corner, about 1/4 of the full caravan. It is only about 3M x 1.5M in size. The seats each side convert into two singles or a double bed. The table can be fixed to the outside. 

The cushion is one of many that I can use but suits the MM theme, in a tenuous way. It is a classic landline phone. MrsS will only talk to people on a landline even though we have a few mobile handsets around the house. I'm afraid it's all 'down to the wire...' I think she feels connected somehow to who she is speaking. 

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