By WharfedaleBex


I leapt out of bed this morning to beat the delivery guys.  They were arriving between 9 and 11 - do they have any idea about the importance of that time on the moors when fog is forecast?! 

Well, clearly, they do.  

I took my phone with me and watched with glee as the time slipped to 10am.  They were still in Pontefract!

A text from Rich, meanwhile, made me feel a little guilty about my view this morning as he sat cooped up on a commuter train outside Leeds for one, two, three hours! (Update 4 hours!)

After my fill of warmth, sunshine and mist, we headed on down to watch the lorry on the app do circles of the two villages in what I realised was a huge lorry - they couldn't get under the bridge and couldn't work out the way round.  I was willing them to phone for an hour as I watched the circuits, knew the roads and shook my head in dismay, knowing they wouldn't get through that way either.  

I found an online chat but they couldn't fix the problem as they were only online chatters!  They suggested I called logistics but at that moment, finally, a phone call from them (not the lorry) who told me about our bridge and a road being closed and we wouldn't be able to have the delivery today. Um, nope, they've just not gone the right way round. And if by chance it was closed, I'd go and meet them! 

Another 20 minutes and sure enough, they made it (although I had to do my finest whistle from the window to stop him doing circuits of our estate - that made him smile!) Apparently he was doing circuits because they have to take a photo of the blocks before they can say they're not coming and he didn't take it the first time (maybe not the second and third time either but I managed not say that - can't say I'd be too happy driving one of those monsters around our packed village lanes!)

Well, we had a little chuckle, they were lovely fellas, and I wished them an easier rest of their day.

Managed to have a local circuit on my bike (in fact, along the hill at the back) which was wonderful and took Little Dog for another potter to the post box to return some left over ashes.  Wondering if I can assemble the furniture before Rich gets home. That might cheer him up.  

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