By trisharooni

Azalea Bug (And a Great Nikon Story)

Saw this while I was clipping an azalea. It was lucky it wasn't sliced in 

Here's a chilling story for anyone who owns a camera they depend on, but especially for the Nikon fanatics.
My friend and former blipper Cymbeline phoned me this morning and sounded a little distressed. It takes a lot to ruffle Adele's feathers, but it transpired that she had rested her Nikon on the roof of the car and driven off. She had driven well over a kilometre before she braked ,and the camera, a big, sturdy Nikon slr, with a big sturdy lens, went crashing to the ground.
She came straight around and I was commiserating with her and picked up the camera to admire the damage.
Slowly it dawned on us that all might not be lost.
Everything was hurled out: the battery, battery cap, the filter, the sd card and the steel tripod plate .
We put the lens on my old d700 and it still worked.
So, was it possible the camera still worked?!!

A quick trip to the local camera shop, purchase of a new battery, card and tripod plate - and miracle of miracles - it still worked!  

I've suggested to Adele that she contact Nikon.
I'm sure they've heard  a few good stories, but I reckon this takes the cake:)

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