By RealSandee

Family Christmas

Breakfast at my dad's.
Playing time at my sister's with my two favourite wee human beings A and R. And watching Mary Poppins on TV.
Then lunch at my sister's.
And more playing outside as the weather was gorgeous.
After that we went to my brother's as he invited us for dinner. Fondue Bourguignonne. My mum was there, my dad and partner, my brother, his flat mate, my sister and her husband and their kids A and R. It was a beautiful evening. When everyone left, my mum, brother, K and I played UNO and had some Swiss Whisky called Thursky. And eventually a Long Island Iced Tea. K and I watched a TV series but I fell asleep. My mum slept there on the couch too as we wanted to get up very early in the morning.

Picture: my gift from my Godson R and the chocolate Santa from my brother.

Additional picture: all three of us, sister M, brother A and I.

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