Occasionally Focused

By tsuken

Loris by Lumix-light

I was thinking of blipping the model in the foyer of the mental health unit, which supposedly is a topographical representation of the "landscape of care".

Apparently that's a series of words which actually has meaning.

To some people.


I also got a picture of a couple of urban shopping trolleys and an office chair trying to navigate some actual landscape.

But then, after dinner, we had visitors. I quickly threw a different lens on my Lumix: the Pentax M50 f2 that I'm going to use for my return to the Pentax Single challenges next month (I used the Lumix, because the Pentax is away getting a million and three spots of dust cleaned off the sensor). Snap snap snap, import to Mac, convert to .dng, Airdrop to iPad, edit in Lightroom Mobile, and here we are.

Brightr; Flickr

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