I’ve been researching my Dads side of the family for his birthday gift and I’ve got as far back as 1434. I’m stopping now the last couple hundred years were hard work

I found out a great, great, great Grandparent lived here in Wigan in what was called Jervis Yard near Millgate, further research suggests it was incorrectly recorded on the census and had a different name but there were many years in Wigan at the time and this is the one he lived in!

On the more ‘exotic’ side of things my Dad has a very distant relative who was martyred and is actually a saint (he was captured in a priest hole in a hall in Lancashire ) the hall was owned by other distant relatives. He was hung drawn and quartered after being tried at the Old Bailey after he admitted to being a priest (a crime at the time). His body was then sewn up and par-boiled ( I know!) to preserve it before he was snuggled to France and buried in an unmarked grave for fear of reprisals. The body was then lost as the French Revolution thing was coming to an end but it was rediscovered by chance in the mid 1920s. He was brought back to the UK and beatification took place in the 1930s before being finalised in the early 1970s. His body is now on show in St George’s Chapel Westminster Abbey- he’s the guy in the gold mask if you see him!

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