Life through the lens...

By ValC

Reach for the sky.

On my walk this afternoon, I was admiring this lovely blossom, when I noticed the plane flying high above.
As always I had my little pocket camera handy, and took a few photos. Because of the sunlight I couldn’t see what I was taking, so a bit of pot luck and two photos actually had the plane in view.
Cropped slightly for today’s Wide Wednesday theme “ Air/Sky”. Thanks to BobsBlips for hosting again.
I liked the extra,and Mr C preferred this one.
I wonder which you like best?

Another glorious hot day.
I made the most of it with a walk to the next village and back.
The pond I’m afraid is drying up again.
We do need some rain!

Tomorrow will be out walking with the Pudseys. Horsforth to Kirkstall Abbey and back.
The forecast is for a dull day. Now that will make a change!
I wonder what March has in store for us.

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