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By creativelenna

happy valentine's day

A wee bit late, but I am still enjoying adding photos to blip from the time when I was away. The valentine on the top left is one of Steven's cartoons! He started drawing again last summer and has since amassed over 600 cartoons and self-published 4 books, two of which are for 2 year olds, like our granddaughter Eleanor. We have heard that she LOVES them and her mom & dad said jokingly that the books were like "toddler crack!!!" oh My. Well, at least she enjoys them and wants to read them over & over! 

I will add 2 "extra" photos sharing  Steven's books and one of him at work drawing. You can follow his almost daily cartoons on Instagram where he posts as steven_deming. He mostly draws our two cats and their antics. They are quite funny drawings, but good, clean humor. And he has a lovely relaxed line when he draws. He says I have been an inspiration to him! I'm happy to hear that. I laugh at his cartoons all the time :O) I will add a gallery of his drawing to my website sometime soon & let you know when. 

The other valentine in the collage above, front & back plus matching envelope were made by me for Steve. I still employ many of my favorite art rubber stamps when I do art like this. Amazingly, I bought some of them 20 - 30 years ago starting when my youngest (father of Eleanor) was 6 years old. Some of the stamps do not stamp as well as back then, but many still do and it is such fun! I believe you gotta have fun while you can!!! 

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