By TameTomato

Pooh sticks started here

Had a good day revisiting my childhood in Chippenham. I started by exploring town. Some of which I remember but of course it has changed a lot. I then visited my old small primary school which looks just like it did when I left to move to London in about 1980. I was chatting to a parent outside, I unfortunately couldn’t remember her mother in law who used to be a dinner lady there, but it was good to hear it’s still very much a school with a family feel. She did suggest I pop in with her for a closer look, but I felt a bit emotional so decided not to and instead headed round the corner to freak out the man who now lives in my old house... “Jean, why is there a weird middle aged woman staring at into our living room at us with tears in her eyes...”. After lunch in Monkton Park I went and stared at the bit of grass where I learned to swim (outdoor pool no longer there, but I do believe it was preserved forever on film thanks to ‘its a knock-out’ appearance). I then went back to my personal ‘pooh sticks started here’ bridge and took a lovely long walk along the river enjoying the glorious weather.

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