By Topsyturvy


After dropping the car off for new tyres we headed up the hill for a gentle walk. The sun shone, skylarks sang, we saw baby goats with coats and Poppydog nearly invited herself in through an open front door to enjoy some other dog's supper (she must've scented it from afar!). The gate chain was even top of the range with blue binder twine additions.

Another trip into Kirkwall, this time for printer ink and seed potatoes. By clearing a bed here of the shrub cuttings taken 5 years ago and flourishing madly, we now have space for spuds again but it'll be a while before they actually go in. I did read that chitting them is pointless but old habits die hard.

Weather has turned much colder this afternoon and the skies are now dull. My hoarseness has now become voicelessness ... Stitch Group tonight now feels pointless!

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