Golden dawn

Sorry to be running so behind with my Blips at the moment. Packing the Landy and ferrying shedloads of stuff over to Maulds is taking all of my time. I booked a removal company for the main bits, but thought I'd just ferry over the rest, after all, there won't be much! .... How wrong I was. 20 years of accumulated cameras, tripods, prints, 13 crates of slides! Let alone all the darkroom kit. (though I do have someone interested in buying it.  Good job I have a double garage, though it's getting pretty full, and I think after the move, I'll take forever to find stuff that's been packed "somewhere".

Sunrise this morning was spectacular - and this is what I'll miss the most - this view from my bedroom window.

Can't wait to be coming back to run my own workshops.

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