All part of the story

By Treshnish


Not much trade tonight in Montgomery’s.

The morning did not get off to a good start as the 3 bullocks decided to go off on an adventure overnight last night, and S found them the wrong side of a cattle grid and some distance away, when he went to feed. He eventually got them back to the farm building but had to cut through the fence as they were spooked by the gate.  Amazingly we still left in time - even a little early.  

A nice wave from Weeflecky at the ferry as we were waiting to get on the ferry she was getting off.

An easy journey by train with one scarring moment when I went to use the toilets on the fancy new train. The Door Open button was lit up which indicated to me that the loo was free. So I pressed it and as I did so the man standing nearby told me that there was someone in there... and so there was.  As the door slowly and automatically opened... a poor man with his trousers round his ankles was frantically trying to shut the electric door. I don’t know who was more shocked.

Apart from that we sat and chatted to J which was nice, then I did some work and suddenly we were in Glasgow.   Then a short hop to Edinburgh with the beginning of the commuters.

We met up with M near the Premier Inn, and she went off looking for a pair of shoes for the party with S. She has been working hard to finish a 6 week project with a temperamental printer nearly flooring her last night. Thankfully she managed it finished on time and it was great to see the lovely book she had made.

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