By Veronica

National dish

It's the official Dia de Andalucia today. The Thursday morning walk (in glorious sunshine) ended at F's house where there was more than enough room in the garden for 30 of us to eat, drink, and chat. We'd all brought food to share, but after we'd eaten our fill, F's partner emerged from the kitchen with this magnificent paella. I'm not too keen on paella, but this was a good one, with not too many different ingredients. If we'd known we'd have eaten less to start with.

Back home we investigated happenings in Almuñecar. A giant paella on the beach, with a queue of 50 people, and more giant paellas in the park, with the added attraction (not) of a performance by a local Zumba class. We felt we'd made the right choice.

See also: this day last year for weather contrast!

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