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By Sallymair

Day 28. Dewi Sant

My mum was Welsh so we always marked St David's Day, however for some reason there is a shortage of red dragons, leeks and daffodils here at the moment - so I've done the best I could and backed my collage with some pagoda flowers which are the right sort of colour!
The two figures are of traditional Keralan Kathakali Dancers, the figure in between is not! I walked over to the new post office which I have discovered. which is a gentle stroll across the beach rather than over a mile away via Cardiac Brae. The figures are in a tourist car-hire office next door. These two are quite friendly looking the real things are often rather scarey!
The single figure in costume is a real person and looks target scarey but as she had to put down a very smiley baby to have her picture taken, I guess she is really a friendly grandma like me! Her costume is traditional in Karnataka, the state to the north of here of which Bengaluru is the capital. Mind you she did insist I bought something from her daughter's so in exchange for having her picture taken, fair enough. The baby had had big black dusty spots put on her cheeks, it's a belief here that it will help to ward off the evil eye.
Today I had a comparatively lazy day after my post office walk. I spent a few hours by the pool then walked along the back lanes to the Lonely Planet restaurant for a pot of masala tea
Back to the hotel for a rest from the heat and then out for another wander this evening.
Tomorrow is my last day, so I plan to swim in the sea while it is cool, take the bus into town for a couple of things I want to take home hopefully get back here by lunch time and then relax by the pool for the rest of the day. That's the plan anyway for now, we'llsee!
14,125 steps today, so on target at 2/2 this week.

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