The Way of Colour

By Beachcomber149

Passing the Beacon

11.3C bright and sunny and still with the haze. I hope the rain forecast for later will clear the haze. Light ESE/E breeze becoming moderate SE/SE.

Fergus and I went for a walk out to the shipyard after lunch. I watched a fishing boat come in from the Kilbrannan sound while Fergus had a potter about. It was felt pleasantly warm. Then we wandered down to the slipway where I often get the passing the shipyard shots, but the light was not in my favour.

On the Clip while walking:
BBC Radio 3 Arts and Ideas podcast:
Jack the Ripper and women as victims
Historian Hallie Rubenhold revealed the previously untold stories of the five women killed by the Ripper and challenges the myths that have grown up around the Whitechapel Murders of 1888. Mathew Sweet hosted Hallie and three other authors to discuss the topic.

The BBC Radio 3 podcast Sound of Cinema:
Matthew Sweet on the music for vigilante films.

Afternoon music ... Van Morrison, Avalon Sunset. Moondance.

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