Today has been a nice day. In the morning I went to see Jen while the laundry was still in the machine. Yesterday I left her a bag I made off her pant legs she cut off and gave me. The other side is blue and it can be used both ways. She seemed to be genuinely happy about the bag.

After that we loaded the car with bikes and groceries and other stuff and drove to Santa Pola to pick up keys for the rented apartment for my father in law and his friend. Then we took all the stuff to the apartment. After that we took a quick visit to my favorite miscellaneous entertaining goods shop: Ale Hop.

On the way back home there's Aldi, which sells pretty good candy, so we took a pit stop there and filled our candy needs.

Then lunch and the highlight of the day. As the Pantano de Elche is so fab place, we packed the dogs to the car and drove back there and visited the dam with a longer walk. This time we also wanted to walk to the other side of the lake. It was pretty warm and the dogs had had enough at some point and that meant we had to turn back. Nice walk anyway. I love love love that area and so happy they have restored it for recreational use.

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