More gate decor

Maybe I'll do a gate series! This one was the seaside version on our morning walk at Eastside.

We watched a short eared owl flit across the road in front (just) of us from one fence post to another and then sit down in the grass tussocks, flicking its head from side to side, intent and deadly. I am so glad I'm not a vole.

I'm feeling lethargic and discontented with myself. There's plenty to be getting on with and I've little inclination. Hopefully the mojo will kick in very soon. This cold really isn't a bad one, but it has a depressive side to it which LH went through last week ...

Sorry about minimal commenting. The new router works less well and we've discovered that the 'new' wiring circuits are not connected in a way that installing a booster is simple. So being online means moving out of the living room and into the chilly hall which is not very tempting!

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