tempus fugit

By ceridwen

Thereby hangs a tale/tail

Raki accompanied me to collect some wild garlic leaves and she enjoyed exploring the woodland path for the first time. 
Back home I used the wild garlic, along with some leeks, sea beet, fresh herbs and seven eggs to make a Middle Eastern-style  omelette or kuku  to take to Cardiff tomorrow for a family meal while meeting the new grandchild for the second time.
I put the baked kuku  to cool in a room that is usually kept closed - when you live with pets this is normal practice.
Some hours later I  called the dog for her supper but she didn't appear. That was strange. I found her in the room where the kuku had been left to cool. It was cool, but it was also half gone. Raki had hoisted herself up in such a way that she was able to reach it with her tongue and she had devoured almost exactly half.
That was bad enough but the recipe included walnuts and raisins. Both those items can cause renal failure in some dogs.The risk was too great and the only possible course of action was to call the out-of-hours vet. A charming Australian locum was happy to administer a fast-acting emetic. Raki was less happy to void the contents of her stomach and we were not at all happy to disburse £133 for privilege. And to lose most of tomorrow's lunch.
Raki's tail was firmly between her legs till bedtime.

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