Every Picture Tells .....




This morning I received an email from a construction company reminding me that it's the Guardian Newspaper's "Concrete Week. Clicking on the link I'm informed that.......

"It's gritty, urban and uncompromising, it stands with a geological heft, forming soaring cliff-faces and plunging gullies, cave-like undercrofts and muscular flyovers. It is the material that most embodies the era of the welfare state, a time when the public sector-built housing, schools, hospitals and theatres on a majestic scale. It is the liquid rock of socialism, the stuff of emphatic nation-building and thrilling sculptural monuments to bygone ambitions".

So at lunch time I set myself the challenge of finding Huddersfield's most brutal concrete relic of bygone ambitions. The best I could come up with was the bus station multi-storey.

Oh, if I was only on the South Bank

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