By hildasrose

The Priory

Thank you all so much for putting my Blipversary effort at number 2 on the popular page, and also for the sympathy on my inconvenience yesterday.  I'm feeling much better today - firing on a few more cylinders than yesterday - just tired.

I got to Malvern this morning for the RPS day, and met up with Chantler63 to learn more about Landscape photography various and Photoshop.  I didn't make it to the end of the day and missed the session on mounting prints - looking forward to hearing more about that from Kathy tomorrow.  We were both a bit doubtful about whether some of what we were being introduced to by the first two speakers really felt like landscape photography to us.  The Photoshop sessions were interesting but I would like to have been given some printed notes and to be able to try out the techniques rather than just watching someone else do it. Two more speakers tomorrow then the AGM which I think I will miss...

I had some time whilst moving the car between car parks, to take a few shots of the beautiful Priory.  I love the different shades of stone.

On another note, Mom has been moved wards so we had an extra long walk tonight.  She is now in the Heritage Building ie old hospital building in a ward for people awaiting discharge.  She seemed quite cheery tonight but then I realised that she was in a very different reality to our - back with her friends from the old days.  They have also obviously removed her catheter and that does not seem to be working out too well.

Tiring times...

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