Converse Sneakers

I worked indoors all day today and found myself without a blip. So I looked up the different challenges and saw Mono Monday and it mentioned it was a  converse aspect. So, then I had to think about the intention of "converse", but I had already gotten the image of my husbands Converse sneakers in my brain, so I thought, "How about a photo of his sneakers for Mono-Monday?" 

I took the photo and was quite pleased with myself! I uploaded it to the Blip website as you can see. That's when I remembered...It's not Monday! And seeing as how I have already posted the picture, written up this little story, and can't find how to delete the picture and maybe use it for tomorrow, it will just have to stay put. 

Oh the joys of being retired! it's hard to keep track of the days. You mean it's not Monday?

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