By seizetheday

Fontburn Reservoir

This afternoon MrM and I did the Greenleighton Moor walk. It's a waymarked circular trail on National Trust land from Greenleighton Quarry, near Wallington, taking you through woodland, over moorland, and around the southern edge of Fontburn Reservoir. A lovely varied walk, though MrM and I were slightly disappointed that we couldn't find the cup and ring boulder mentioned on the National Trust route description, and weren't entirely sure that the huge boulder we passed was the one they mention as being the original cover for a burial chamber.

As we reached the reservoir it started raining steadily, the first proper rain we've had in ages. Thankfully, the really heavy rain held off until we were ensconced in the Redesdale Arms enjoying an early dinner. The temperature dropped while we were there, and as we drove home it was sleeting. What a difference from last weekend!

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