Betwixt and Between

In between sunshine and hail
a blackbird gathers strands for a nest.
Wind steals the heat from the sun
that continues to shine its best,
while the sky gives a friendly warning:
it's too soon to shed that vest.

by Moi  (still wearing my vest camisole!)

We made an early decision not to peg out the washing, despite the bright sunshine and strong winds. It was the right decision: the day alternated between heavy rain and hailshowers and bright sun, often overlapping: March winds meet premature April showers!

As you'll discover if you read my ditty, I spotted a blackbird flying off the ground with a beakful of good nest weaving material. So he wasn't put off by the wind and hail. Spotted a wren busy in and around the jasmine-covered wall outside our kitchen window, but the window was too dirty to allow a photograph. Only achieved a fuzzy one. Clean windows is now on My List.

U3A Digipix was interesting again this afternoon, learning more about layers and blending. Shall be experimenting again soon. Meanwhile, thanks for all the kind comments on my yesterblipped chaffinch. Thanks, too, to ApolloFly for hosting this week's MonoMonday challenge with the theme 'converse'. I trust the mono doesn't necessary mean black and white as my sunlit leaves and hailstones are green and white.

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