Birthday bowls

Rubbish weather all day - wet and grey and grim. K took me to Loch Fyne restaurant for breakfast then we had a damp pootle around Woburn art and etc shops before a little drive through the deer park (no deer but some amazing red kites flying really low and close to the car), then round to Mt&H’s where they’d just got home from soft play. The children had some lunch (although Mx didn’t have much - he seemed very out of sorts but they weren’t sure if it was teeth, tiredness or if he’s sickening for something).
We headed off to a wedding fair with A&N ....what a racket these things are, with people peddling all sorts of stuff including Botox and various other cosmetic procedures... deary me!
Home for a great big chocolate cake and tea. Just settling down for a quiet night when it turned out they’d all organised bowling and dinner out! We had a great time (I even did quite well in the first game - unheard of!) with Mx loving it all and playing with the bowls very happily whilst AR had a bit of a melt down after she fell over. Luckily it was so noisy and busy she was soon distracted again. They were so good at the restaurant (even though AR had to wait til last to get her dinner - poor little thing).
Home and straight to bed. It's ended up being a lovely birthday after all....

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