By LincolnWarrior

Blue sky and cloud

Back to normality for me today well nearly  Still coughing well but have my energy levels back up now. So I was back at work today (in the end ) . The only problem was that I turned my alarm off a went back to sleep , It was only when Julie said to me are you going back to work and I looked at the clock to find that I was meant to be in work in 5 minutes time. So a quick rush around getting washed and dressed and doing my pack up quickly meant i was a little late to work. A quick apology upon my arrival to the boss and working part of my lunch break meant I was forgiven on this occasion . 
It was Tesco shopping this evening and as I pulled up in the car park I spotted this lovely cloud formation along with the lovely blue sky. I decided to grab a shot on my mobile which turned out fairly well so blip sorted.

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