Bright Blue Tree in the Dark

Today started with yesterday's delayed project go-live. As it happens our partner still hadn't got their ducks in a row so actually nothing happened. Once I told them their server wasn't talking properly they did get it sorted out - just after we got back from our Xmas dinner. I thought that was rather good timing. We sent a test file to their server which they correctly loaded and processed into their system, so we are now officially live. Woot!

After dinner I took today's blip, it's our blue tree in the living room doing it's best to be the light in the dark as per today's Advent challenge. I'd no sooner taken this blip when the phone rang and it was an old friend from University. We'd not really spoke for about 10 years, so today's blip has been delayed for a little!

Tomorrow my better half's mother arrives, so phase two of our family visits begins.

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