By avilover

Ducks in Paradise

Not too many shots today. I almost went with an idyllic scene of the sounds from high up on Vicotria Domain, a forested hill with pleasant shady walking trails right off the harbour. Inevitably the birds win again. This is the Paradise Duck from yesterday, accompanied by her mate and three little ones.

It was an epic summer day, very bright and sunny and warm out. I spent my time walking the Domain, wandering in and out of bayfront shops, and writing correspondence by the water. Picton is one of those places with all the cute little shops with locally made crafts and wares...the word for coping with sort of thing is restraint. Luckily my backpack is overflowing already so I don't have to worry too much about my compulsive shopping tendencies here.

On to Kaikoura tomorrow for whale and dolphin and albatross watching! So excited....

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