By AH14

Dewy Sparkles

I was out early this morning because I knew I needed to be at home for the dishwasher repair man who actually arrived within his two hour time slot - dishwasher now operational again!

It was a lovely morning, although the sunrise itself was obscured by a blanket of cloud on the horizon. It's been considerably less lovely for much of the remainder of the day! I enjoyed the dewdrops sparkling in the sunlight and there was also a pair of swans who turned up to pose for me (in extras) and a kingfisher who posed on a branch but only for a few seconds - I didn't manage to get a sharp shot. 

Thanks to those of you who wished me well for yesterday's camera club competition - my images scored 10 and 9.5, so I am well pleased!

Today's blip for my b&w journal

Huge thanks for all the great comments, stars and hearts that you have so generously bestowed on yesterday's image! I'm blipping early, so you may care to look back, if you missed it!

Ann :))

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