By rockit

(064) Slight Return

This image is a photo of my computer screen as I test an old/new photo comparison page on my (very overdue) updated website. In a previous life I was employed at a chemical factory in Burntisland, Fife, which existed from 1917 through to 2002. I wasn't there all of that time (!) but in the latter years I took some photographs around the site, whilst the factory was still in operation and later when the demolition process was underway. Around the time that the closure of the plant was announced I found a collection of photographic negatives that depicted some of the stages of development of the factory over the years, and my website was first created to share some of these images. That was back in 2003 so it's only taken me 16 years to get round to updating the website! Should you be interested in viewing a work in progress you can find it here:

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